How does Hair Transplant work?

As we all know genetics forms the blueprint for everything from our organs, to our skin and even our hair. Every single hair follicle on on the scalp is genetically programed for hair type, and most importantly if this follicle will be sensitive to DHT(Dihydrotestosterone), a male hormones that eventually cause the follicle to become finer and shorter until it no longer can create hair. Fortunately not all follicles are sensitive to DHT, these follicles are the ideal donor follicles for hair transplant. These hairs that are resistant to DHT are usually obtained from the back of the head or the sides, but even body hair from the chest, arms and legs could be good candidates for donor sites. Once these donor hair follicles are successfully transplanted they will be viable and resistant to DHT because they carry their own genetic code for producing DHT resistant hair.