Hair Restoration

Any surgical or non surgical method to counteract or correct the symptoms of hair loss.

Non Surgical Solutions


Minoxidil is an FDA approved topical medication for hair growth. This medicine can stimulate your hair follicles to stay in the active growth stage longer resulting in longer, thicker hair growth. The results can be seen after several months of steady use. If treatment is stopped, patients will experience hair loss and thinning once again. Currently sold under the name Rogaine in 2% and 5% streghtens. Rogaine 5% is not recommended for women.


Finasteride is an oral medication for hair loss that works by blocking the formation of DHT, Patients who use Finasteride, show the highest rate of successful regrowth. Commonly sold under the name Propecia it is not recommended for women.


This is an FDA cleared Extracellular Matrix (ECM) powder derived from pig bladders, it’s primary use is to improve wound healing by causing the cells in the wound to generate new tissue instead of forming scar tissue. Patients who use Acell/Matristem during their hair transplant experience less swelling, less scar tissue formation and faster surgery results due to the prompt vascularization of the area. Studies have also found that coating the follicular units in Acell/Matristem before transplant will minimize damage done to the hair follicles and enhance the viability of the follicular units. Acell/Matristem can also be combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which is blood serum rich in platelets and injected into the scalp or eyebrows to promote hair growth without surgery.

HairMax Laser Comb

Is an FDA cleared laser in the form of a comb used for stimulating hair growth by promoting circulation and cell regeneration. This treatment is chemical, surgery, and pain free.